Private Instruction & Group Classes

Pilates, Personal Training, Prenatal/Postpartum

Private Sessions


Expert instruction tailored just for you.

Intro-5 pack (new clients)- $350
Single- $90
10 pack- $850
30 pack- $2,400

+ Personalized coaching to heal and strengthen your body and mind
+ Constant variation for your specific needs
+ Unique cue to ensure your body is moving as you intend it to


2/3 participants sharing instruction

A personalized fitness journey for you and a friend or two.

Intro 5 pack (new clients only) – $225
Single – $55
10 pack – $500
*price is reflective per person

+ Best balance of affordability and personalization
+ Constant variation for you and your partner’s specific needs
+ Accountability and motivation from your partner to push you further

Apparatus Pilates Classes

Up to 4/5 participants

Fitness specifically designed for your group’s goals.

Single- $40
10 pack- $350

+10 private sessions required before joining a class

+ Classes limited to 4 participants for more tailored instruction

+ Grow stronger together with value-added small group sessions