Prenatal Fitness Class

All of the appropriate moves for each part of pregnancy. Cardio conditioning, core & pelvic floor endurance, and light strength & conditioning to aid you during one of the most exciting times of your life. Concerned about some common aliments during pregnancy like abdominal separation? Don’t worry, our certified prenatal fitness specialist will be sure to address any and all questions.

Embrace your body and baby with the best that fitness has to offer you! And, meet other moms, too!

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Prenatal Fitness Private Session

A truly unique journey tailored to your changing body and mind. Our one-on-one sessions take you step-by-step through your pregnancy with the appropriate exercises for each trimester and even week-by-week specific training. Learn about how your body changes and how to prepare for childbirth and postpartum recovery. We even have a certified diastasis recti specialist on board.

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Prenatal Fitness Duet/Pair Sessions

Get paired up with another expecting mom for when class times aren’t convenient and private sessions seem like an overhaul. Almost one-on-one instruction with the accountability and energy of a friend. Schedule a consultation to get started.

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