About Our Studio

STPPS consists of about 1400 square feet of an open floor plan. With high ceilings and a large square shape, there’s plenty of room to house many pieces of Pilates apparatus. The entry way is floor to ceiling windows providing an ample amount of natural light. There’s a comfy sitting area as you walk in to sit back, take off your shoes, and enjoy a few minutes of personal time before or after a session or class. Cubbies are provided for storing your belongings. Water and towels are free of charge.

STPPS is located near Hidden Falls Park in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul. It’s not far from the old Ford plant site and about ½ miles south of the “Highland Village.” River Road and The Mighty Mississippi River is located just a few blocks West of the studio. River Road also has a bike & walking path for those that seek alternate transportation. And, the studio is on a city bus route (Cleveland Ave.).

STPPS is nestled in between two other women-owned businesses (Seven Spokes Bike Shop & Healing Motion Therapy). STPPS is a proud sponsor of the Seven Spokes Women’s Racing Team.

STPPS is a fully-equipped Balanced Body preferred Pilates & Personal Training studio.

STPPS is a host site for The Center for Women’s Fitness Facility and Faculty Training Center, specializing in Prenatal/Postpartum Fitness, Diastasis Recti Recovery, Pilates for Menopause, Pelvic Floor Health, and The Gentle Birth Project.

Instructors at St. Paul Pilates Studio

Our instructors are multi-certified with years of experience. We believe in movement combined with Pilates principles to ensure your body is receiving the benefits of exercise and not just going through the motions or creating overuse or muscle imbalances.

Meet our team

What our Clients Are Saying

“I haven’t missed a day of work since I started seeing Natalie and doing Pilates 5 years ago. She was like the user’s manual I never got with my human body.  She pushed me just the right amount and not too much. Pilates has a gracefulness to it that makes it easier to do than most other fitness classes I have taken.”

– G.H.

“I’ve been working with St. Paul Pilates Studio since the birth of my second child. With their expertise and guidance, I’ve never been in better shape.”

– M.D.

“I’ve learned more things about my body and how it works. After having babies, I no longer have aches and pains thanks to STPPS.”

–  K.I.

“STPPS has very gifted teachers. My whole body is better balanced, stronger and more flexible. Additionally, the knowledge I’ve gained from my Pilates teachers and their classes has influenced and improved my yoga practice.”

– J.H.