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Private & Semi-Private Pilates or Personal Training

We have an unparalleled depth of knowledge when it comes to transforming your body. Our diverse, expert instruction gives you a one-of-a-kind, Whole Body fitness experience.

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Save $100 on Intro to Pilates!

5 Private Sessions, only $390

Available to new clients looking to experience the studio without a huge commitment. See one trainer or multiple to match your personality and fitness needs.

You Save $100!

Jumpstart your journey with a friend or loved one !

Work  with the trainer of your choice and get personalized instruction together.

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What is a Private session?

Private sessions provide the most personalized instruction. This 55 minute session is dedicated specifically to your needs and geared towards your goals. Individual Pilates is intended for the individual. Your instructor prepares a total body Pilates workout with the intention of providing you with stronger tools to build a better you. Private sessions make you honest with each movement with plenty of tactile feedback from your instructor.

Why must I complete private sessions before joining a group class?

STPPS does require a minimum of 5 private apparatus sessions before joining a group apparatus class.  This allows for the student to understand their body and be adequately prepared to follow cueing and the pace of a group class. Private sessions build & strengthen the individual. Group classes are then a place to build sustainability on that newfound strength, or in other words, a place to practice what you’ve learned in your private session.