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For just $25, book a 50-minute in-person consultation with one of our comprehensively certified instructors. You will start with a discussion of your health history and goals, followed by a postural analysis and some light movement. This consultation will allow your instructor to create a personalized program for future sessions to help you reach your fitness and movement goals.


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Dress comfortably for your appointment. We will discuss your forms and any specialty concerns as well as conduct a postural analysis.

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What to expect during a consultation:

At your appointment, you and your instructor will discuss your health history and dig into your individual experience with exercise. Then, a postural analysis is conducted to increase awareness of any strength and/or structural imbalances (to make sure unique tools specific to your body are provided in future sessions or classes).

There is also light movement to see how you align and respond to verbal and tactile cueing. It’s very insightful for both you and your instructor!

For those with previous Pilates experience, some work on the reformer may be done. But, usually these 55 minutes are an exploration time and not a “workout” session.