Virtual Pilates Services

  • All virtual classes are offered via zoom format.
  • Private and duets can be offered via zoom or Facetime.
  • All virtual sessions are 50 minutes.
  • To partake in any of STPPS  offerings, you must have or have had a consultation or be a current STPPS client. We do offer consultation virtually or in-studio. To get started, please email Natalie or contact us here

Virtual Small Group Classes

These classes are intended to substitute the in-studio small group apparatus classes that you may already know and miss. Small group virtual Pilates classes are limited to 6 participants and most of them require multiple props (that your instructor has or will help you to obtain such as fitness circle, small weights, bands, foam roller, and more) to ensure a well-rounded Pilates class experience that continues to progress your fitness. These classes are more intimate with personal cueing and attention from the instructor. These class prices reflect a smaller and more intimate group setting. 

Single Class$30
5 Pack$125

Virtual Large Group Classes

These classes are intended to substitute non-apparatus classes (think Pilates Mat or Barre) with more of a general guidance still focusing on Pilates principles and progressing your fitness. These virtual Pilates classes allow up to 20 participants. Some classes still require props, but usually just one (like a mat or a foam roller). These classes are priced lower to allow for a less expensive online option still being offered by a highly qualified Pilates instructor. There is less personal cueing in this class. However, modifications are always shown. This is a class you can join, but turn off audio and just participate. 

Natalie teaching a virtual Pilates mat class
Single Class$15
5 Pack$50

Virtual Private or Duet Pilates Sessions

These private offerings are between you and your instructor. These could be Pilates (apparatus or not), Personal Training or Prenatal/Postpartum sessions. Here, the client gets as close to the one-on-one attention that they were used to in-studio. Although, we cannot obviously offer hands-on cueing in this format, we can give many verbal cues and still read your body to offer the best workout for you. 

Instructor showing an exercise during a private virtual Pilates session
Single Private$70
5 Pack Private$325
Single Duet$40
5 Pack Duet$175